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Hey people!

Thanks for checking this out.

This page is for everybody! So this is what it is…


Stop It!

There are some things you see people do- some out of sincere and genuine ignorance, but others…well, not so sincere. When you see such things, you can’t help but think #Pleasestop! Come on! No! Let’s call them etiquette bummers if you will (I see most of the pictures coming to your mind now). I’m giving you an opportunity to express! On this page, you can share such things. A few things to note:

1. These situations need to be etiquette related. Do not just write about things that annoy you on a personal level

2. While you may be witty in your expressions for the sake of humour and driving home your point, please do not become insulting. Like I mentioned, some people sincerely do not know that what they have done or are doing is wrong. It is actually your responsibility to kindly teach them since you know better in that regard. ‘Etiquetteometre’ is a LEARNING platform

3. Refrain from using specific names

4. Most important, remember to hash tag your posts #PleaseStop

Let the revelations begin!!!


One Response to #pleasestop

  1. Ayomide

    Haha. Thanks for this Toju. Here goes one…#PleaseStop intruding on people’s personal space, on aeroplanes, busses or other vehicles of mass/public transportation. There are reasons for the clear demarcation between individual seats and a reason for multiple armrests – to which you are often only entitled to one, on one side of your chair, and not both on either side. Do be considerate. Thanks :)

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