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How to Get Rid of that Map of Africa!

Posted by on March 20, 2016

9 ways to remove sweat patches



Everyone seemed to get a laugh from my last post; either at me or remembering a similar situation they had been in.

While sweating is your body’s natural biological way of cooling you down to prevent over heating, having a sweat patch and worse still, having a lingering stain can be really embarrassing. You have up to five million sweat glands all over your body. The Apocrine and Eccrine are the most active sweat glands. The apocrine glands are mainly found in your armpit area. Here are some preventive methods I subscribe to. Please feel free to add your suggestions.


1. Wear an absorbent undershirt under dress shirts and a camisole under sleeveless tops or blouses. The under garments would probably still get stained if you have a very active and outdoor lifestyle, but at least your fancy dress clothes will be fine.


2. Wash your shirts or tops frequently: if you wash them early enough, the stains will not have the time to set in an leave a permanent yellowish patch. Pre-soak the clothes and then wash with cold water. Hot water makes the stains set.


3. Wear clothes made of ‘sweat friendly material.’ Choose light weighted cotton over polyester. Cotton is the most breathable fabric around so it allows for some airflow which dries up moisture. It is also a natural fibre, so it absorbs moisture rather than repel it. While linen gets quite easily wrinkled, it serves the purpose of sweat absorption as it is also a natural fibre with quick drying time and it doesn’t cling to your body when you sweat.

Avoid cotton material mixed with spandex. The spandex makes the cotton heavier thereby making it repel moisture.


4. Certain patterns of clothes can hide sweat patches. If you wear checked, plaid or camo shirts or tops, you are more likely to be successful at hiding sweat patches.


5. Use and antiperspirant deodorant: don’t just use ordinary deodorant which only eliminates smells. Antiperspirants eliminate smells as well as prevent sweat by blocking sweat ducts. Body sprays are NOT deodorants or antiperspirants. Do not apply antiperspirants to to sweaty or wet armpits.

Some people have a health condition that causes them to sweat more than normal. A clinical strength antiperspirant is recommended. Check with your pharmacy if this applies to you or someone you know.


6. Excess weight or obesity often leads to increased sweating. You may need to lose some weight. Your clothes will be more loosely fitted as well which will allow the flow of air, aiding quicker drying of moisture/sweat.

Three homemade recommendations (I haven’t tried):

I have read in some articles that home made deodorants made of coconut oil, tea tree oil and corn starch make for a good antiperspirant. I’ve also read that eating certain foods like grapes, wheatgrass juice, tomatoe juice and raw apple cider vinegar help reduce sweating as they have sweat reducing properties in them.

Finally, pre-soaking your clothes in a tablespoon of of white vinegar and half a cup of water before washing with cold water is another homemade recommendation.


I hope these have helped a bit. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please share any experiences you’ve had as well.


Have a patch free weekend *wink*

4 Responses to How to Get Rid of that Map of Africa!

  1. SimplyWrittenOne

    I enjoyed reading this! Sweat patches can definitely get really embarrassing…. I always say I’m not quite sure if I’m normal or not because I.Just.Don’t.Sweat…(Not that I’m complaining though lol). Regardless of how hot it gets I just hardly sweat. Howeverrrr, my armpit tends to get just a tad rancid sometimes but I have a trick! I shared the trick on my blog HERE…. (hope you don’t mind me sharing). It simply explains how to avoid that rancid & pungent smell the armpit lets out as a result of product build-up, dried sweat or just poor hygiene.

    • toju

      Hheelloo! Thanks for reading and thanks for the very enthusiastic comment. Please, feel free to send the link to your blog…just on this topic. Trust we could all learn a thing or two in addition to what I’ve posted.
      P.S. Thanks for asking first…great Etiquette! *wink*

  2. nora larry-okika

    lol…. This is a good one.

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