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Are You a Lady or Are You Just Female?

In my opinion, there are very few complements a female can get better than being told she’s a lady. As a matter of fact, I do believe that is probably the best complement she can get. This means that she is pristine, well put together in physical appearance and decorum, well mannered, well and soft … Continue reading »

Categories: How to be a Lady, Importance of Etiquette, Manners | 16 Comments

For The Love Of Children…Or Not?

  Today’s post may not directly concern all my readers, but I’m almost certain that we have all been ‘victims’ of the situation at one point or the other. UNRULY CHILDREN! Children can be so adorable, but when they have not been taught basic Etiquette skills, you would need special grace and patience to deal … Continue reading »

Categories: Etiquette for kids, Manners | 10 Comments

Please, Keep Your Hands To Yourself.

Hello friends! Hope your weekend was great and you had a lot more fun than I did. Again, today’s post is short and straight to the point, still in the #Pleasestop series.       In schools in most developed societies, there is a ‘No physical contact’ policy. Toddlers from pre-school are taught to use … Continue reading »

Categories: Manners, social etiquette, Social Intelligence | 4 Comments

Really…? Hello To You Too.

Today’s post is short, simple and straight to the point, but with something to learn. It’s the second in the #Pleasestop series. My most hilarious Blackberry contact put up a display picture during the week and it totally roused inspiration in me. Shout out to Shirley Fadipe, soon to be Mrs…wait Shirley, what’s your surname … Continue reading »

Categories: Greetings, Manners, social etiquette | 3 Comments