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Dining Etiquette

The Dining Etiquette Finale- Table Taboos!

  It’s been a bit of a journey learning about dining etiquette and today, we wrap it up. Let’s run through a few basic dining table taboos: 1. Elbows on the table: it is not acceptable for your elbows to rest on the dining table as this could knock something off, occupy space or disrupt … Continue reading »

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Glasses, Napkins and A Lot of Confusion.

I guess it’s officially in order to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yyyyaaaayy! I strongly believe that everyday is a great day to be alive, whether they are seemingly good or bad days. We’re alive and that means we can still hope, we can still dream, we can still receive blessings and anything GREAT can still happen … Continue reading »

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Forks, Knives and A Lot of Confusion Pt.3

Hello everyone! I do hope you have been enjoying and learning from the blog so far, particularly this current series. Today, we’re going further into understanding Dining Etiquette and this post is pretty enlightening because this is where we generally begin to default as well as get confused. We’ll be looking at ‘The Place Setting’ … Continue reading »

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Forks, Knives and A Lot of Confusion Pt. 2

Hello everyone! Thanks for coming by again, it’s good to have you here. As I promised, we will start looking into the different aspects of Dining Etiquette today. Now, before anyone crucifies me for ‘taking it P’ (Nigerian phrase for taking something too seriously or personally), let me mention that there could be a few … Continue reading »

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