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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Forks, Knives and A Lot of Confusion Pt. 2

Hello everyone! Thanks for coming by again, it’s good to have you here. As I promised, we will start looking into the different aspects of Dining Etiquette today. Now, before anyone crucifies me for ‘taking it P’ (Nigerian phrase for taking something too seriously or personally), let me mention that there could be a few … Continue reading »

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Forks, Knives and A lot of Confusion.

I remember my very first fine dining experience. (No, it actually wasn’t a romantic date, thankfully so too, as you will see.) It was a family dinner at a Chinese restaurant and I must have been thirteen or fourteen years old. As a young teenager, my excitement lay in the fact that I was staying … Continue reading »

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What’s The Big Deal About Etiquette?

Before I get to the main gist for today, here’s a quick shout out and apology to my international readers. While I understand the concept of global relevance and I’m not even trying to be a local champion at all, this blog will involve some ‘Naija lingua’, parlance or jargon. I am conscious of my … Continue reading »

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Put Yourself Together

Hello Everyone, My name is Toju. It’s nice to finally be here. I say ‘finally’ because I have started this blog several times over the last two years; in my head, on a sheet of paper, in an extremely large notepad I got for the specific purpose, on my phone…you name it. Alas, it is … Continue reading »

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